Your Conversion Path from Visitor to Resident

Your Conversion Path from Visitor to Resident

Technology enables us. It allows us to break out of the mold. 

To evolve from the norm, reinvent, and disrupt. 

The Vectre knows a thing or two about disruption as a digital marketing agency. The partners of The Vectre brought digital disruption into senior living nearly 12 years ago. And with a collective 30 years of digital marketing experience for over 60 senior living communities, The Vectre can help create the path to conversion - so your visitor becomes your resident.

Digital Sales & Marketing Solutions


Immersive Web Apps

Prospect engagement can happen face-to-face or self-service. And in our new normal, your ‘show and tell’ efforts need to be more refined and tactical. Our interactive sales apps aid storytelling, generate excitement and a sense of urgency, leading to a faster decision-point. Traditionally displayed within sales or discovery centers at our client communities, these apps can also be used for webinar and online video-conferencing presentations.


Website Solutions

 Storytelling in our hearts; innovators in our soul. That mission carries forth today - to create intuitive, user-centric website and sales application experiences with tools that empower prospects to get on the path to conversion by evaluating and engaging with senior living communities and other master-planned properties. 


Interactive Content

 93% of first impressions are developed by what you see and hear. Delivering the right message is crucial. Fresh, uncanned, and highly-engaging content ensures that our clients' stories are being properly conveyed - on brand and leaving the visitor wanting more.

Research, Reimagine, Results

The Visitor

We know the visitor must be engaged early for connection, to understand your vision, and to create a decision. The website experience is vital and must be memorable, yet tactical. Helping the visitor see the possibilities through their own research, establish affection and create a decision-point is the essence of The Vectre.

Engaging Storytelling

Differentiation can be difficult to achieve when so many messages are constantly bombarding us. Storytelling is essential and needs to be compelling, yet succinct to drive your value. The Vectre combines creative talent along with technical website and application development wizardry to connect with your visitor to create results.

Client-tailored Solutions

There’s a saying in the senior living market - “If you’ve seen one retirement community, you’ve seen one community.”  Our goal is to break the mold, to redefine, using novel technologies and storytelling techniques - not rinse and repeat like the larger marketing agencies. While we build solutions that are efficient and flexible, our consultation and deliverables will never be programmatic or pre-defined. We seek partnerships that embrace differentiation - and in the process, we become deeply immersed in our client relationships.

Dedicated Partners


Hoyle Koontz

Julien Coutellier

Hoyle Koontz

The Vectre is Hoyle’s third business within the digital marketing sector for real estate. After creating Technipix, a VR photography company in 2003, he spun that company into Frogman Interactive in 2008. Together with 11 other associates, Hoyle’s vision for the company helped to disrupt the digital marketing landscape in the Senior Living market. After the acquisition of Frogman Interactive and nearly 3 years as part of the leadership team at the largest agency in senior living marketing, Hoyle is back to focus on further disruption. His entrepreneurial background provides The Vectre with the building-blocks of proven execution within business development, strategy and operations, and digital product development.


Kate Reece

Julien Coutellier

Hoyle Koontz

Working very closely with Hoyle and Julien since 2010, Kate has added her gifted analytical and creative talents to lead The Vectre's website and application development efforts. Her left-brain/right-brain mix is extremely apparent, as is her versatility and expertise. Her heart is in design, yet she enjoys focusing on the details to ensure direction and magnitude connect to form effective systems. Kate’s role will focus on the continued iteration of user functionality within our solutions, and her constant collaboration with Julien and Hoyle in similar roles over the last 10 years have proven to be successful for our clients. 


Julien Coutellier

Julien Coutellier

Julien Coutellier

Julien has worn many hats over the last decade since beginning his collaboration with Hoyle. Two common themes arise upon reflecting on those roles -- problem-solving and customer success. His primary role within The Vectre is Product Owner, though his passions lie within User Research, User Interface Design, and User Experience. Julien insists on rolling his sleeves up to get to the heart of the client’s problem and collaborating to deliver solutions that have often been ground-breaking. With a familiar mix of analysis and creativity, Julien will help to lead new processes and deliver new products for the organization and our clients.

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